“But Honey, no one will ever see it.” You ever get into a project and and you either screw a cut up, a weld doesn’t come out great, projects aren’t coming out like you had in your head. I find that I beat myself up over the smallest details sometimes which no one will ever see, a weld isn’t blended right, the paint tint is off, the screws aren’t aligned perfect. The list goes on and on. I worked on and off this project for a couple of months trying to perfect it, but when I did work on it, it took me so long trying to make things perfect. I will admit, I wanted this to be a signature piece for what our capabilities were though.

The wood came out of a 100 year old building, with so much character in the wood, the pieces were twisted, and needed to be given a new life.

At times I beat myself up over some of the smallest details and to the real detriment of time. My productivity went down over the smallest details Either a weld didn’t come out great, I over-welded in some areas and couldn’t grind it out, and the paint ran a little bit in some areas.

In trying to be a perfectionist on the project, I learned many things. Focusing on making an excellent piece for someone to enjoy should be most important. With the wood being so old (from a 100 year old building), character marks and blemishes should have been more embraced for the visual aspect of it. All in all, it wasn’t about the finite details on this one, it just needed to be aesthetic to the eyes and I think I achieved that.